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Online exam and learning management system

The four-walled classroom learning is not the only way of learning anymore. The ways of learning have changed and more and more people are learning from online education. Online learning is cost-effective and allows for more flexibility and convenience. With the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic, more and more schools shifted towards online education. However, many schools and teachers use online management systems with traditional classes to assign tests and assignments to the students. Teachers use online learning management systems to assist the learning process.

Online education is assisted by different learning management systems and tools. These technologies make learning online a more inclusive and effective method of learning. Similarly, it keeps in check inappropriate practices and minimizes or eliminates cheating and academic dishonest practices. It also allows the teachers to create assignments while the system grades assignments automatically. However, the sudden shift to online learning has caused several problems for students. Therefore, if you need expert assistance to ace your online exam, get in touch with Royal Online Classes. Here, you can hire someone to take my online exam for you. The writer will assist you throughout the exam, so feel free to ask us to do my online exam and say goodbye to your all academic blues.

Online exam and learning management system

When students give an online exam, they might cheat or copy content from the internet. Therefore, check the potential academic dishonesty and invigilates the exams. The technology of the learning management system allows instructors and schools to invigilate tests and exams online. The AI-built technology helps the instructors to monitor the practices of the students to take online classes help in different ways and gives a red flag in case of any inappropriate behavior. It is called online proctoring, and it has come with learning management systems. We will find out about these different ways of online proctoring through LMS. Let’s dig in.

How does the online examination system work?

Online exams software system is a tool that allows schools to administer exams to different students at the same time. The primary goal of the online exam is to test the subject knowledge of the students. The instructor or the faculties can set up the exams. It could be descriptive-type questions or Macq’s. They can also set marking levels, basic guidelines, and complexity levels, respectively.

Integrate Exam Proctoring Software

The Learning management systems allow the instructors to invigilate the online exam remotely. The teacher doesn’t have to be present and can assess the performance sitting at home. Different ways are used to make sure that no student is cheating. Some of the ways include screen recording, and image and audio capturing. However, the students must give consent to get his/her device monitored. Also, the teacher can track the record of the previous tests and exams of each student. Similarly, the exam reports are also available within the system, and students or the instructor don’t have to log in again.

Mode of Proctoring

There are different modes of proctoring depending on the nature of the exams.

Live Proctoring

In live proctoring, an instructor invigilates the exam in real time. Many students can be proctored during live proctoring through live video and audio feeds. A chatbot is also available for the students and teachers to exchange messages and warn students of suspicious behavior.

Recorded Proctoring

During the recorded proctoring, students have to record themselves during the exam on the learning management system. It allows the teacher to access the recordings later at their leisure. This kind of arrangement is mostly made when the teacher and students live in different time zones.

Auto Proctoring

Predictive analysis and AI have substantially expanded the capabilities of the online learning management system. They study the behavior of the students during the exams and flag certain inappropriate behaviors. No instructor input is needed unless there are serious concerns raised by the AI. During auto proctoring, the AI goes through the feed and also takes images of the test takers at different intervals to detect any fraud like impersonation. It also detects unusual noises and sounds in the background.

Benefits of an online examination system

  • There is no room for the rigging process and it provides high privacy for students. It is highly secure and credible that students accept the results without questioning the results.
  • Time, energy, and resources like paper can be saved.
  • It includes an automatic grading system, which is more convenient than the old grading method. Also, the test result will appear right after the completion of the exam.
  • Technology provides unparalleled precision. Online test technology has reduced staffing stress.

Disadvantages of an Online Examination System

  • Any shift from traditional to online learning requires some investment on the part of educational institutions to upgrade their systems.
  • Also, students and teachers are not familiar with online learning and the interface of the software.
  • Normally, the format of online exams is compared to open-book exams. Unlike the traditional exams, there is no such limit exists in digital format. Indeed, it is difficult to keep students from opening their books or contacting their study material during an online exam.

Some of the Common Learning Management Systems

  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • Schoology
  • Moodle
  • Thinkific
  • TalentLMS
  • Edmodo
  • eFront
  • Skillsoft


With the growing population and increasing number of courses, online learning, and online exams are great ways to proceed. It is reliable, convenient, and cost-effective. Also, the proctoring methods of these management systems allow instructors to monitor the students remotely. Schools use numerous LMS software, and a few of the most commonly used software are Blackboard, canvas, and Moodle. This software allows the teacher to design assignments and papers and grade them automatically. It is easy, reliable, and trusted by both teachers and instructors. Nonetheless, the sudden shift to online learning can make you feel stressed. Therefore, if you want to hire someone to take my online exam, get in touch with us on Royal Online Classes. Send us a message by saying do my online exam and let us take care of your exam concern.

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